Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Machismo vs. Manliness

Many men--and, sadly, quite a few women--are confused as to what makes a man, a man.
Read my VIVA/NY Daily News column on the misguided efforts to bring back a "new machismo"--including comments on the new book "Huevos y la Mujer Latina: The De-masculization of the Macho" by Julian Camacho Segura.


MILAVANILLA 223 said...

A beautifully written column, with many salient points.

A real man does not demean women, does not hurt women, does not debase woman, and, above all, does not impregnate women, and then leave them in the lurch.

A real man loves his woman. A real man gets everything he lacks from his woman, and celebrates that fact.

Most "macho men" are latent homosexuals who are a lot more comfortable with "the boys" than they are with a female, God's greatest creation.

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